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Seyyed Akbar Sadaty, PhD. New Book

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Seyyed Akbar Sadaty, PhD in Soil Resources Management – Physics and Soil Conservation.

Biography: Abstract

He is the first strategic multidisciplinary researcher with the (SMM) process in water and soil in the world. He has about 24 years of teaching experience in Payam Noor and Azad Islamic universities in Mazandaran and Golestan provinces, Iran. His great interest has led him to finish his doctorate in the field of soil resource management – physics and soil conservation, in addition to various fields of management. He has refereed more than 300 internal and international articles and has published 46 books in Persian. Due to his effective and efficient activity, he has been selected and received awards more than 10 times as the best writer and researcher of the country and the relevant province (in Iran). and …

The outstanding features of the PhD studies:

1- Determining the effectiveness percentage of a process in the water, soil and climate sector (the first time in the world).

2- Determining the percentage of process productivity in the water, soil and climate sector (the first time in the world).

3- Process decision by curve (Abscissa and Ordinate) (first time in the world).

4- Determining the process soil texture change in the upstream areas of Mazandaran (for the first time in the world).

5- Creation and application of strategic model (SMM) in agricultural water and soil (the first time in the world).


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